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01 A Book / A Building
02 A Typeface / A Material
03 A Screen / A Window
04 The Internet / The Highway

Bound is a quarterly magazine that questions the boundaries between the practices of Graphic Design and Architecture. It exposes areas of conflict, similarity and opportunity for expanding and intersecting both professions. What is the role of the Graphic Designer? What is the role of the Architect? Bound bridges the identities of the Graphic Designer and the Architect, both implementing ideas of invention, form, structure, and human experience. This issue of Bound, A Book/A Building, offers a series of studies and conversations comparing the elements of the book to the elements of the building, the two most sculptural expressions of each practice. The layout of the page is compared to the plan of the building. How do these forms work spatially? How does the Architect affect interpretations of the physical form as one walks through a physical space, and how does the Graphic Designer arrange space as the page turns of a printed object? Works of Marshall McLuhan, Le Corbusier, and Irma Boom are discussed, along with a visual essay comparing the fundamental elements of the two selected typologies, a book and a building.